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Have you heard of the cross-contintental brain-twin phenomenon? No one has, but, that's what Ahm and Craig are.

Very different on the outside. Very same on the inside. They sound different but speak the same truth.

They've never met. Never will.


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Ep. 21: “It’s all swings and roundabouts”

Ahm and Craig discuss movin’ on up, tongue stuff, nerd storage, and reveal their stupidest addictions.


Ep. 20: “Punching out babies”

Craig and Ahm reveal their big city survival secrets, don’t think through accepting a job offer, write jokes for physicists and are really into underground hip hop


Ep. 19: “Optimal snuggability”

Ahm and Craig can hear fishnet stockings, use potato chips to torment their peers, duel like it’s the 17th century and have some sort of flesh rotting disease in the family.


Ep. 18: “I’ve got, like, chimp strength”

Craig and Ahm talk stealth bunnies, dead rats and dream sharks,
turn into ‘crazy rat ladies’, kick a child in the head, want to be the
crappy guy in the film and find a love-nemesis.


Ep. 17: “I’m an inept sex pest”

Ahm and Craig figure out the similarities between accidental nakedness and third degree burns, could easily pass for Russian if they weren’t so scared, and play darts in a bar, darts in a bar


Nobody Showcase Ep. 11 (with Craig)
Nobody Showcase Ep. 14 (with Ahm)

Ep. 16: “A Pirate vs. a Zulu”

Craig and Ahm discuss the hierarchy of pants, passion for washroom technology, what’s mental about Japan, other podcasts, and talk more about Ahm’s homeless homies.


Ep. 15: “One inexcusably weird thing”

Ahm and Craig discuss the art of ogling the dead, answer some questions from the idiot masses, nerd out in public, and reveal their darkest transgressions against mankind.


Releasing panda bears into the wild

Ep. 14: “A six pack, but on my head”

Craig and Ahm are bad at flying, even on planes; get into lots of unpleasant confrontations; are easily offended by impressionists, and want to try self-taught plastic surgery.


Ep. 13: “I’ve seen your wand”

Ahm and Craig remember going through an ‘Al Yankovic phase’, throw money into your face, and jump around. Jump around.


Ep. 12: “You wanted to be some kinda badass”

Craig and Ahm are going to kick Daniel LaRusso’s ass, dig through the landfill of conversations past and prove, repeatedly, how well they can count.

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