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Have you heard of the cross-contintental brain-twin phenomenon? No one has, but, that's what Ahm and Craig are.

Very different on the outside. Very same on the inside. They sound different but speak the same truth.

They've never met. Never will.


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Ep. 11: “I’m not a chip scientist”

Ahm and Craig reminisce about upsetting people near tents, identifying with the ‘laptop guy’, and their lives as galley slaves


Ep. 10: “I’m taping my knuckles”

Craig and Ahm use music to understand the beauty hidden in suffering, analyse each other’s halos, and love marshmallows more than the average four year old

Puppy Shirt

Ep. 9: “The bifurcation of the monoglute”

Ahm and Craig receive insulting gifts from relatives, venture through google seeking answers to age-old questions, and put on something skin-tight for a functional, unsexy reason.

lycra shorts

Ep. 8: “Arrive, kiss him, fade to black”

Craig and Ahm conclude their simultaneous quiz by learning how McDonalds makes you a good Catholic, discuss the difficulties they share with penpals and take a look around the red light district


Ep. 7: “Waiting for the moment to come and evil it up”

Ahm and Craig experiment with concurrent interrogations, are scared of eye-brains, cows, and superheroes, and just don’t ‘get’ sex

Dutch bricks

Ep. 6: “One hundred and fifty photographs of my own face”

Craig and Ahm discuss creative face storage, stuffing emotions, easy ways to get your mind blown, and introduce their first guest, @lornalily, to talk about self-fixing and the end of innocence on the internet.


This American Life
Atoms, Motion and the Void
Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth

Extra page! Our favourite This American Life episodes

Ep. 5: “Some sort of crippling social anxiety”

Ahm and Craig make the lone ranger look like the life of the party, do battle with some sort of magical, furry demon and — through their home videos — figure out how to remember and how to forget.

Screenshots from our home movies

Ep. 4: “The creepiest thing you have ever done”

Craig and Ahm tell the My Favorite Stranger origin story, which includes: the genetic superiority of the British and why no ones wants to be friends with a scientist. Ahm reveals the creepy act underpinning an intercontinental friendship

INTP document fragment

The summary of the INTP personality type
The Myers-Briggs test

Ep. 3: “I am their Fran├žois”

Ahm and Craig discuss vice, bonding via trauma, and abusing both adorable animals and the French. Thomas Edison said “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration,” which makes Ahm and Craig geniuses. Ahm explains the difference between a ‘hippie drum circle’ and a ‘hobo drum circle.’

The Hate Man

Photograph of the Hate Man courtesy of Eric Hu. Thanks, Eric!

Ep. 2: “I hope I’m not pro-Hitler or something”

Craig and Ahm share theories on the relationship between effort and success, cranial mass, and baby mammal regard. Craig wants photo policies, and Ahm makes a bad decision.

Craig baby photos