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Have you heard of the cross-contintental brain-twin phenomenon? No one has, but, that's what Ahm and Craig are.

Very different on the outside. Very same on the inside. They sound different but speak the same truth.

They've never met. Never will.


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Sidecast 3: Improvised Sweating

Craig talks of unpleasant body problems during even the most cursory of warmups…

Sidecast 2: Small Talk

When you begin to have problems with everybody else in the world, maybe the problem isn’t the rest of the world, maybe it’s… Download Sidecast

Sidecast 1: Our Heroes

In Episode 7, Craig and Ahm asked each other questions. One of them was “Who do you respect most in the entire world?”. We didn’t have time to include the answers. Here they are. Download Sidecast