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Welcome. Come on in. This is the home of My Favorite Stranger podcast, a show about two people who have never met, and probably never will. One lives in Los Angeles, the other in Holland and on the face of it, they couldn’t be more different. Nevertheless, they became close friends and found out that they are similar in all sorts of strange and baffling ways: from overly wide feet and big heads to the same existential challenges, the same taste in documentaries and exactly the same inability to cope with emotions like grown-ups.

“My Favorite Stranger” is a record of their conversations and is published once every two weeks, on Mondays, assuming one of them finds the time to edit it down.

Where we record

Five minutes before recording Episode 2

Technical Credits

We owe the existence of this website to software that is given away for free by the community, no strings attached. The entire open source community represents a baffling and amazing achievement, but just to highlight three projects that have made this possible:

Thank you to WordPress (our ‘mortar’ and most of our ‘bricks’), Blubrry Podpress (a hugely versatile way of publishing podcasts) and Simple:Press (a forum that just ‘works’). Without the thousands of hours of work that was hurled into each of these projects we could not exist.

For completeness, Here is a full list of the WordPress plugins currently active (automatically generated)

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Thank you, everybody. You are amazing.